Do I need to move furniture for pest control?

The pests may be hiding in the furniture. It is advised to clean and check the furniture properly for pests. You can confirm this with our experts while booking the service because it totally depends upon your requirements. There may be a need for pesticide spray on the furniture too. Do as the experts say.

Do I need to clean after pest control?

Yes, but not immediately after the service. Let the pesticides show their effectiveness. The next day you can go to clean the house. The spray of pesticides leaves its mark which can be easily removed by cleaning.

Do I need to wash my clothes after fumigation?

The fumigation process will not leave any residue on the clothes. There will be no mark at all. The gas shows its effectiveness and vanishes. So it will be your choice but not necessary.

What kind of solution do you use? Are they safe for my kids and pets?

Our team of experts have specially created solutions to treat all kinds of pests. Our solution is eco-friendly which is completely safe in the presence of your kids and pets. We are an environment-friendly organisation and use biodegradable chemicals that cause no harm to anyone except pests.