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Having bed bugs in your living area is the most threatening experience. These are the pests that get active when you switch off your lights. If you have observed red marks or bites on your body; then it can be due to bed bugs infestation. They get their feed from human blood; therefore sucking it while everyone is sleeping can create spots. Hence by targeting humans and animals, they spread infection. Our service for bed bugs control Melbourne is highly effective during such circumstances.

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Our Melbourne Bed Bug Treatment Service is Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Bed bugs become brain bugs when they cause infestation at your home or office areas because they create a threatening environment that affects your mental condition worse. SES Pest Control Melbourne gives you mental and physical relief from bed bugs by eliminating them from your house. They become active at night and bite very badly when you sleep and cause rashes and other skin problems. But if you are a resident of Melbourne then you do not need to worry as the services of our company are open for our every customer 24 hours a day and all days of the week without any holidays. Hence, if you are going to know about bed bugs even at night after your sleep, at that time also you can call us and invite us for Bed Bug Removal Melbourne.

Why Choose SES Pest Control Melbourne for Bed Bugs Control Service?

As your family depends upon you and so you have to make the correct decision for them always otherwise it affects them badly. Out of all, a major decision you have to take is to select the best bed bug control company for complete removal, you should choose SES Pest Control Melbourne for these advantages:

  • Our products which we use for bed bug control do not have any side effects, that is they are free from harmful chemicals and safe for everyone.
  • We deliver the best services with the best available equipment in our company and so we match steps with this innovative era.
  • The services provided by our company professionals are guaranteed and we will give you an assurity to save your house goods and other things during our process and ensure you to the fullest satisfaction.
  • All the bed bug exterminators of our company have at least 20 years of experience which is more than enough for providing your satisfaction and perfection.
  • Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Melbourne team is trained enough, licensed and certified so that you do not have to worry about anything.
  • We Offer Same-Day Service in Melbourne and if you have any Pest emergency Our Experts will reach you within 60 Mins of Booking

Here is What Our Happy Customers Say

Our Process to Remove Bed Bugs


We inspect your bedroom, every corner of your bed, wall frames, and furnishings to gauge the size of the infestation and bug’s hiding places.

Removal Process

Next, we implement a strategic treatment to remove bed bugs and dispose of them. After that, we re-inspect everything to ensure 100% bug removal and your safety.


We discuss with you the causes of infestations and tricks to avoid them.

Note –For same-day pest control, contact us in the morning so our team can be on-site and solve the issue by the end of the day.

Here are Some Pest Control Services:-

Here are Major Signs of Bed-Bugs Infestation:

  • Irritation or burning sensation overbites
  • Redness or itching marks
  • Skin infection or the swollen surrounding area
  • Red patches on the overall body
  • Blood dropping on your bedding

If you want to get rid of bed bugs then instead of targeting them alone, it is important to call SES Pest Control Melbourne exterminators. With their expert handling techniques, you can overcome infestation spread by bed bugs.

For Controlling Bed Bugs SES Pest Control Melbourne Professional Focus on Certain Areas:

  • Along with cleaning your mattresses, we investigate your furniture or other areas.
  • While bed bug pest control services we make use of the spray in certain areas such as cracks, crevices, stone, metal décor pieces, and high-weave textiles.
  • Cleaning your bedding area to mattress investigation process everything comes under bed bug control services.
  • By using vacuum cleaners professionals even try to extract the dirt or dead bed-bugs inside mattresses or carpet
  • Vacuuming your upholstery items such as pillows, mattresses, etc. With steam, cleaning exterminators try to target the hidden areas or kill eggs.

Health Issues Which May Take Place Are:

  • Fever
  • Swollen tongue
  • Having difficulty breathing
  • Flu or nauseous
  • Irregular heartbeat

If you are suffering from such problems along with red patches and all from a long interval of time then taking the help of an SES Pest Control Melbourne professional is a must. You can book an appointment and discuss the signs or symptoms you are facing. Our exterminators will visit your places and try to find out the cause of the problem. We also provide affordable same-day spider control Melbourne services.

Places Where You Can Find Bed Bugs:

SES Pest Control Melbourne professionals are working for bed bugs control Melbourne for a long interval of time so they can easily investigate the areas of infestation.

  • Bed bugs usually found their habitat under mattresses or sofa cushions.
  • They may hide beneath floorboards.
  • These pests usually find dark areas a comfortable place for their habitation; thus behind paintings or wooden pieces, they get a comfy place.
  • Hide behind the cracks between your carpet fibers.
  • Cracks or crevices.

Preventive Measures Which You Can Take After Services For Bed Bugs Control Melbourne:

As we all know professional treatments are not everyone’s cup of tea. So after SES Pest Control Melbourne professional treatments, there are certain steps that you can follow such as:

  • Vacuuming your upholstery, carpet, as well as mattress twice a week.
  • After bed bug control services, it is important to wash your curtains or bed sheets properly.
  • Cleaning your cupboards with sanitizers is quite essential for removing signs of pest infestation.
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We are the leaders in the pest control industry and have the finest services in the whole of Melbourne. Our top quality and green Bed Bug Control Melbourne solutions will help you out in the complete eradication of bed bugs and it is very satisfying to hear that all these fast and efficient services are there for you at a very reasonable price. This price may also vary depending on the various factors. So, if you want a number of benefits within a single package that is also affordable for you then you can get a free quote from our experts by calling us on our toll-free number 0344279909 today.

The following are Some of the Most Common Signs of a Bed Bugs Infestation

As bed bugs feed on human blood, humans are their main target and that is why they are found in beds and sofas and clothes which are in close contact with humans. If you feel any signs which show the presence of bed bugs then come to our bed bugs control Melbourne team. The signs that you can see and feel are given below:

  • When you feel their bite at night and red marks and rashes on your body in the morning, it shows their presence.
  • Blood spots are generally seen on bedsheets and clothes which indicates bed bugs are present.
  • In some areas where they hide, you will find their faecal matter, skin sheddings and eggshells.
  • The musty odour comes out from the areas where bed bugs spread the infestation. 
  • Their presence shows dark rusty coloured spots on your mattress.
  • You can see dark spots on the walls which indicate bed bug presence.

Any time you find any of these signs then you can immediately hire SES Pest Control Melbourne.

You Can Prevent Bed Bug Infestations With These 5 Proven Tips

Bed bugs are very dangerous and cause harm to your health and many other things then here are some of the proven tips which our Bed bugs Pest Control Melbourne suggests people to get rid of bed bugs:

  • Firstly you have to confirm that they are bed bugs and not other pests and then you have to think of a number of treatment options.
  • Do not panic and clean everything so that they cannot find any place to hide.
  • You should wash all the clothes, bedsheets, pillow covers, mattresses, blankets and all the other clothes and heat dry them.  
  • You can kill bed bugs with the application of heat but you should be careful enough while freezing, on the other hand, you can not be trustworthy to kill them.
  • Last but not least you can choose our professionalised services from getting rid of bed bugs.

These are the ways you can use to get prevention from bed bugs and even after that you cannot be satisfied then we are always there for you as your helping hand.

With Our Bed Bug Exterminator Melbourne Team, We Can Handle Any Emergency Situation

For getting relief from bed bugs, you should go for a company that is responsible, experienced and has a good reputation. If you are searching for such a team then our Bed Bug Exterminator Melbourne Team is best for you as our company has been providing services for 20 years and is a certified and licensed company on which you can rely. Our officials are available for you at any time and never leave you alone in your emergency situations. Thus, avail our professional team and fly off the pain of having bed bugs.

SES Pest Control Offers Pre-Inspection For Bed Bugs Control

Eliminating bed bugs from your home is like a challenge and we are ready to take it and so when anyone has bed bugs in their house in Melbourne then you should contact our Bed Bug Melbourne and our some experts come to your place for pre-inspection. Our team inspects every area including corners and dark places and after inspecting the places, they decided on their action plan. Hence, once you get us you will find that SES Pest Control offers the best pre-inspection facilities.

Thus grab this opportunity and call us on our toll-free number and book an appointment now.

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