Possum Removal Melbourne

Why Are Possums Called Pests? 

Possums or opossums are considered to be common pests in Melbourne. Although they are pets at a few homes in Australia. The mess they create puts them under the animal pest category. 

  • Firstly, they are mostly found in garden areas. Hence, they start feeding on the garden produce. For instance, fruits, berries and nuts. 
  • Moreover, they live in sheds, attics, basements and other dark places at homes. Also, they urinate and defecate on balconies, verandas and other areas. This can be unhygienic. Moreover, you will spend most of your time cleaning the mess created by these possums. 
  • Sometimes, they start a fight with other animals. Hence, if you have pets at home. Possums might hurt them and might create a big trouble for you. 
  • Secondly, they carry around bovine tuberculosis. And this spreads mostly to the cattles. 

Hence, are you looking for possum control near me? We can get rid of possums safely from your homes. 

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Possum Control Inspections and Treatments Across Melbourne 

A pest inspection is a thorough assessment of the presence of pests. The expert possum control team will search the whole premise. Hence, this helps them identify the entrance of possums. Therefore, possum pest inspections are professionals. And they are equipped with advanced technology. 

Are you seeking a possum pest inspection near you? Look out for these signs- 

  • Animal droppings and urine 
  • Wood and other structural damage 
  • Weird noises in the basements and attics
  • Screeching and scratching sounds heard pretty often 
  • Gnawing marks 

During a possum pest treatment, we come up with suitable solutions. We usually use trapping methods. Also, this method will keep the possums safe. And later we block all the access spots. Therefore, this will prevent them from re-entering the property. 

Hence, our company is right near you. Moreover, we will try our best to meet up your expectations. 

Choose our possum removal and control services in Melbourne 

  • Best team: Trained and experienced professionals at your doorstep. 
  • Humane removal of possums – Moreover, we will not hurt the possums. Our goal is to safely remove them from your property. And replace them at a safer and better place. 
  • Quick service providers – Our aim is to provide services on time. Also, make it a simple and hassle free procedure. 
  • Trustworthy services – Our client’s have been very happy with our team. We are experienced with 20 years of service. 
  • Round the clock bookings available – Also, we are available 24*7 to make bookings. 
  • Communication friendly – Lastly, our team understands your concerns. And we always make sure to inform you everything about our procedures. 

Therefore, get easy possum control services in Melbourne. We are just a call away. 

Types of possum removal services we stand by 

  • Restaurant Possum control – Possums can also be found in restaurants. Firstly, they are known to spread diseases. Because they urinate and leave behind their droppings everywhere. Hence, the food gets contaminated. This is not a great sign for a good restaurant. Therefore, our possum exterminators will do the perfect job for you. And keep your hotels and restaurant premises clean. 
  • Possum inspection and removal – Any pest inspection has the motive to find pest entrance spots. Therefore, our team of possum control will inspect and identify entrance spots of possums. And then they will check out the whole premise for possible possums. And depending on the severity of the situation, they lay traps. In this way, all the possums are caught safely. Hence, they are taken back with us to a safe place. 
  • Domestic Possum control – Experience the best home possum control services in Melbourne now. Our innovative techniques with years of experience is what makes us stand out. We understand that pests like possums can be unpleasant to have around. Moreover, they create a lot of disturbance. And can become a chaos to day to day lifestyle. Hence, just ring us and our team will be ready to deal with possums at your place.
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  • Same Day Possum Control – Now we also provide same day possum control services in Melbourne. Sometimes, possums can create situations we didn’t look out for. This is where we come into the picture. All you have to do is call our toll free number. Moreover, our customer care team will be highly responsive. With queries and questions regarding the inspection and treatment of possums. Hence, you can sit back and relax until we get the possums out of your way. 
  • Pre-purchase Possum inspection – Possums is a common pest name in Melbourne. Thus, it is highly possible to find them in unused and new property. Which is why we recommend our clients to undergo a pre-purchase possum inspection. This will eliminate any chances of pests in your new home. And you can peacefully move in without any worries.
  • Emergency Possum control services – Moreover, we also offer emergency services in Melbourne. The clear signs of possum infestations at home can be – foul smell, sightings of pest droppings, crawling and scratching sounds in the night, unusual sounds from the attics and basements. Hence, if you think you got possums at your place. Then, we provide the  best possum treatment service near you. 

Affordable Possum Controllers Near You 

Looking for an affordable possum control service near you? Our company provides a positive possum removal experience in Melbourne. From possum inspection service to possum removal services. We provide them with all. The best possum control service is just a call away from you. We also provide affordable same day Termite Control Melbourne and wasp removal Melbourne services.


How to keep possums away from my garden? 

You can try using baits and traps, chemical repellents and electronic repellents. 

Can possums be harmful to pests? 

You can try using baits and traps, chemical repellents and electronic repellents. 

Does your team come for an inspection at a short notice in Melbourne? 

Yes, we provide emergency services in Melbourne. Hence, call us for more information about it.