Termite Control Melbourne

Termite can cause vast damage to the building structure and can live undetected at your property without a professional inspection. More than 100000 homes go through termite attacks in Australia. Termite appearance is similar to flying ants and is also known as cockroaches ancestors. They feed the wood, soil, animal dung or leaf litter for living. Because of their cryptic nature, they don’t come in open spaces so it’s hard to detect them. Termites can infest furniture and your property and cause huge damages. Contact professional controllers for professional pest inspection and Termite Control Melbourne.

SES Pest Control Melbourne is an established and leading termite control company in Melbourne. With over a year of experience in termite control, we can easily detect and exterminate termites. We have hired a team of local controllers for delivering quick and effective local termite control services. Our controllers have the proper knowledge and can detect and exterminate termites in both domestic and residential areas. We have provided modern technology and solutions to our controllers so they can deliver the best and eco-friendly termite control services. Reach us as soon as you observe any wooden beams, building and furniture damages to avoid more damages.

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Possible Damages and Threats Causes By Termites

  • Termites infestation creates more damage than damages caused due to fires, storms etc.
  • Termites attacks at your property damages such as walls, drawers, furniture and showpieces, etc. This results in money loss. 
  • There are many severe diseases caused by termites. Termite infestation poses a health risk to your family members and kids. 
  • Termites infestation make the home or office environment unhygienic. During the dry season, they attack crops and trees. Termites infestation also causes a huge loss to the farmers.

Signs of Termite :

Drywood Termite Signs

Drywood termites are usually found in warm climates. They made their colonies within the wood on which they feed. As the termites consume wood, they burrow mazes of tunnels and chambers within the furniture. The pests leave small heaps of feces that look like pellets where they have eaten or nested. After winged dry wood termites swarm, their wings shed and can be found in small piles throughout an infested house. These wings look like fish scales.

Subterranean Termite Signs

Subterranean termites build their colonies underground. They enter the house through the cracked or unsealed area, through tunnels made from mud, their feces, and saliva. These tunnels look brown, dry, and cylindrical. These mud tubes are signs of subterranean termite infestation. These underground termites produce winged swarmers which indicate an active termite colony.

Effective Ways to Prevent Termites

Our professionals suggest effective and best ways to prevent termites at the end of termite control services. 

These are the few effective ways to avoid the risk of termite infestation. 

  • Repair of leaking pipes and taps: Water leaking pipes and tapes attract subterranean termites under or close to your property. Repair pipes, taps, and overflow pipes around or under your property to reduce water and moisture levels. 
  • Remove stumps or dead trees: Stumps or dead trees are the ideal spots where termites rest in. Reduce the chances of termite infestation by removing stumps or dead trees. 
  • Using termite treated timber: Use termite treated timber in fence posts, garden beds and retaining walls to avoid the risk of termite infestation. Using untreated timbers can attract termites which can cause termite infestation at your property.
  • Barrier for termites: Build a chemical or physical barrier for termite protection at your property. The barrier is the first thing you should get at your property for termite protection and to prevent termites. 
  • Regular termite inspection: Regular termite inspection is one of the best ways to prevent termite infestation. Get termite inspection at least once a year.  A professional termite inspection can help to avoid termite infestation.

Professional Termite Inspection

Our professionals have the expertise and proper knowledge of early termite detection to prevent expensive repairs and huge damages. We inspect and understand the infestation conditions and deliver termite control services accordingly. Our controllers are locals and know their areas well which helps to inspect or detect the termites easily. We use the latest technology and techniques for termite inspection. At the end of termite inspection services, we give the full inspection report to our clients.

Termite Treatments : 

Termidor Liquid Termite Treatment

Our professionals provide Termidor termite treatments because it kills termite colonies in 90 days, once we apply it, it lasts for over 10 years. Our termite solution is safe for indoor and outdoor use. This treatment also guards against future infestations. 

Dry Foam Treatment

This treatment method is used to treat voids in interior and exterior walls, around heating ducts and water pipes.  The dry foam expands to reach critical areas, which provides extra protection against termite infestations.

Sentricon Bait Station and Monitoring

This treatment disrupts termite shedding forms, stunting their growth, and is applied to zones at most risk of attracting the pests. This method provides continual protection without any harm to your property. 

Commercial Termite Control Melbourne

Need termite pest control services in Melbourne? Our professionals offer an effective and best commercial Termite Control Melbourne. We have a crew of expert and licensed controllers who can deliver termite control services in offices, restaurants, and hospitals. Our controllers only use eco-friendly solutions which are safe for high-traffic areas. We deliver inspection, protection and extermination services for termites in commercial areas. Our services are cost-effective and available in Melbourne. Get rid of termites from your commercial property with our professional controllers in a single day.

Same Day Termite Inspection and Control

Termite infestation gone out of control, need emergency termites control services in Melbourne? Your search ends here. SES Pest Control Melbourne is famous for delivering termite control services in a single day. Our controller is expert and trained to provide same-day termite control services. We use advanced equipment and solutions to deliver quick and effective termite extermination services in no time. Our same-day termite control services are available in domestic as well as in commercial property. Avail of our termite control services at an affordable price to get rid of termites.

Why Choose Us for Termite Pest Control?

We are a leading service provider for termite pest control. Our controllers are dedicated to satisfying clients with the best outcomes. We offer affordable termite control services in both homes and offices.

  • Many years of experience in delivering Termite Control Melbourne 
  • Team of licensed and certified controllers
  • 100% satisfaction results
  • 24*7 customer services 
  • Emergency termite control services
  • Modern tools and child-friendly solutions

Professionals at SES Pest Control Melbourne offer excellent and magnificent termite control services in Melbourne. Get rid of termites with our controllers on the same day of booking. We also provide Moth Control Melbourne and same day silverfish control Melbourne services.

Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Frequently Asked Question on Termite Control Melbourne :

My apartment does not have termites – should I still get a termite inspection?

Yes. Keep in mind that just because you don’t see termites does not mean your home is safe from termite infestation. Termite works 24 hours a day and is difficult to detect because of the hidden wood eating process.

Is termite control treatment used by you safe for my family?

Yes, SES Termite Control Melbourne used the affordable, effective & safe method for termite infestation control, having no harmful effect on your family.

What is the first sign of termites?

The first sign of a termite is the presence of flying termites – called alates or swarmers.

Where do termites hide?

Termites will hide under the concealed area of a property. In walls, crawl space of your home. If you have a termite problem Call us to book a Termite examination today.

What can I do to prevent a termite attack?

To prevent termites some tips –
– Avoid placing timber around the home
– Make sure weep holes in brickwork are not covered
– Take care about moisture
– Annual termite inspection required

Is Termidor safe for indoor use?

Yes, our Termidor liquid treatment is safe for indoor use.

What do termites look like?

Termites are a similar size to a black ant except they are light yellowish in colour. Soldier termites slightly darkened colour. Flying termites have wings.