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When the time comes for pest control service then SES Pest Control Melbourne is the first name comes in the mind of the customers. This is the result of our 23 years of active and effective pest control Dandenong. The loyalty of the professionals towards the service and the facilitation from us to them for better service has left a mark of trust for our service.

Certified and Experienced Professionals at The Service

We have only hired professionals at the service who have got proper training and license in the field. When you make a booking with SES, Pest Control Dandenong then you will be served by these professionals. There are lots of differences in the work done by the professionals and others and you can not realise until you get the work done from them. The cost of the service hardly differs from them. Thus when you will get pest treatment service from us then the control of the pest will be assured in the perfect manner.

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    Pest Control Service Which We Offer

    Considering the kinds of pest and to deliver the services in the best manner and on time, we offer the following services.

    Mosquito pest control

    Housefly pest control

    Tick control

    ant pest control dandenong

    Ant Pest Control Dandenong

    Pest growing and increasing capacity within a day make most of the places vulnerable for its infestation. They are such species which will not miss a chance to attack when they find sources which attract them. Cleanliness is the prime concern and then use of the pesticide to keep control of them. Call professional pest controllers if the infested area is large.

    Mosquito Control Dandenong

    The flying insects with the capacity of carrying pathogens of a large number of diseases can be controlled by keeping control of the reasons for their growth. We can spray pesticides and powder both in the surrounding and in the house as well. Leave the house undisturbed after spraying to make its impact stronger. Book with us to get Pest Control Dandenong at your place and have complete freedom from the mosquito population.

    mosquito control dandenong
    silverfish control dandenong

    Silverfish Control Dandenong

    The living habits in the hidden corner and feeding habits on the valuable objects makes it one of the destructive pests among all. DIY methods rarely work to get rid of them. Call the professionals at your service and save your valuables from being destroyed. We have the best solutions for exterminating the silverfish.

    Residential Pest Control

    The residential places have lots of reasons to attract the pest and we know that better. There will be a situation of pest infestation even though you keep eyes on them. Thus our residential pest control service will be helpful to you by exterminating all types of homely pest and making the residential places safe to live.

    residential pest control
    industrial pest control

    Industrial Pest Control

    Industrial places have got a large arena and so are the chances for the pest to grow. The infestations of pests at the industrial location will disturb the whole environment and your business. Hire a professional pest control service to get rid of the pest completely and run your business in flow.

    Our Pest Controlling Methods

    To control or exterminate the pests we use three methods.

    They Are:

    (A). Pesticides Spray: –

    Pesticides are spread in the pest infested area with the help of the spray machine. There are varieties of the pesticides, the types of pests at your place decide the types of pesticides we need to use to get rid of them. The pesticides are poisonous in nature so engulfing it in any form will be harmful. Call the professionals for the pesticide spray.

    (B). Fumigation Method: –

    Smoke prepared with the chemical reaction is fumigated in the region of the pest infestation. The flying pests like mosquitoes and fly which are master in escaping get easily killed by the fumes. It is capable of reaching the dark corners of the house and moving out the pest from their hideouts.

    (C). Heat Treatment: –

    Heat is generated near the pest infestation area and the hiding pest gets out or gets killed in the hiding corners. The treatment is especially for the pest which lives in holes like rats and mice and tough to be traced. This method will kill or force all such pest to get out of your house.

    Pest Infestation at your Place? Consider These Tips to Get Rid of Them

    • Pests enjoy the particles of food scraps they find on the floor so don’t leave anything which can tempt them.
    • Get pest control service when you observe them at your place else they will breed to the large number.
    • Follow the advice and several options for exterminating pest from your home given by professionals.
    • If you identify this situation at night, there are also 24*7 hours of pest control services available locally.
    pest infestation service

    Local Pest Control Experts

    Local pest control experts are preferred more by the clients as they are more aware of the pest which can infest in these areas. They are known to the local climatic condition which decides the breeding condition for the pests. With local experts, clients are comfortable as they can share their situation and problems in a better manner. We hold Certificate III in Pest Control which further makes us a trustable team in Melbourne. Get local pest experts from Pest Control Dandenong.

    Why Choose Us?

    SES Pest Control Melbourne is a certified and experienced service provider for pest control.

    The Following Features of Our Service Will Force you to Choose Us.

    • By making a booking for the emergency service you can get our team any time at your service.
    • We use eco-friendly pesticides which is safe for all.
    • Certified and experienced professional pest controllers only.
    • Local pest experts are available with us.
    • Dedicated team for the service depending upon the area.
    • Customer care support is available 24*7 hours from the time you make a booking with us.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Pest Control Dandenong:

    Will the treatment affect me?

    No, you don’t have to worry. The product we use for treatment are used in high traffic places such as supermarkets, hospitals and restaurants. Contact us and Our professionals will handle everything safely.

    How often should my home be inspected for Pests?

    You should inspect your home by professionals once a year. If You have high traffic in your home then you should inspect for pests in every 6 months. It also depends on your environment or surroundings.

    Is it safe to stay at the property while the treatment is carried out?

    Yes, It’s completely safe. Technicians use safe products and they are trained to use it. However, we recommend to vacate the premises for a minimum of 3 hours to allow the pesticides dry and settle.

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