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Are you troubled with possums on your roof or in garden areas or anywhere inside your property then accept an offer from SES Pest Control Melbourne to remove possums completely from your home without re-entering them. Possums put you in a very difficult situation by the mess that they create inside your property and so not only their removal but their control is also necessary, then transfer your trouble to our Possum Removal Melbourne services as we are a fully insured, licensed and certified company which will give enhanced satisfaction and give you a guarantee that you can rely on our services for the rest of your life. Book our services anytime, wherever in Melbourne and whenever you want.

Why Choose Us for Possum Removal?

SES Pest Control is a company that genuinely cares about people, their hygiene, and the environment. We implement sustainable pest control Melbourne solutions that don’t harm anyone except pests. We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right, and our entire team stands by our core values to provide the most affordable, safe, and hassle-free pest control services in Melbourne. Here are more reasons to consider us for eliminating pests –
  • Licensed, Certified, and Trained Possum Experts
  • Quality Treatments at Unbeatable Price
  • Local Pest Controllers That Know Every Bug
  • Same-Day Services in Melbourne
  • 60-Minute On-Site Arrival in Emergencies
  • 24/7 Customer Support
It’s our priority to ensure your safety no matter when you call us. So, don’t hesitate and connect with a team that will never fail you. Call us now and get a free quote. Note – For same-day pest control, contact us in the morning so our team can be on-site and solve the issue by the end of the day.

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How Do We Remove Possums From Your Place?

Possums are wild animals that are at risk of habitat loss. Therefore, it’s illegal to pouch, catch, or trap possums without a license. That’s where we come into the picture. Here is how our possum removal process looks –


We inspect your yard, garden, or any suspicious hiding places to locate the possum. Once we locate them, we inspect their size and type to use the best trapping gears and techniques.


We use a human and legal trapping procedure for possum removal. We adhere to all the government rules and ensure everyone’s safety throughout the procedure.

Removal and Release

Next, we remove trapped possum and release them away from your property.


We guide you on possum prevention and offer some helpful tips.

Why Are Possums Called Pests?

Possums or opossums are considered to be common pests in Melbourne. Although they are pets at a few homes in Australia. The mess they create puts them under the animal pest category. 

  • Firstly, they are mostly found in garden areas. Hence, they start feeding on the garden produce. For instance, fruits, berries and nuts. 
  • Moreover, they live in sheds, attics, basements and other dark places at homes. Also, they urinate and defecate on balconies, verandas and other areas. This can be unhygienic. Moreover, you will spend most of your time cleaning the mess created by these possums. 
  • Sometimes, they start a fight with other animals. Hence, if you have pets at home. Possums might hurt them and might create big trouble for you. 
  • Secondly, they carry around bovine tuberculosis. And this spreads mostly to the cattle. 

Hence, are you looking for possum removal Melbourne? We can get rid of possums safely from your homes.

The Possum Management and Removal We Provide Is Legally Approved

There are many DIY methods that are very helpful in the removal of possums but if you are a perfectionist and want perfect elimination of possums then you must take the help of our Possum Pest Control Melbourne services as only a legally approved company can give you excellent services in which you cannot find any flaws and can provide you with a complete solution of all your problems. 

Removal of Dead Possums in Melbourne

While infesting inside your property when opossums died due to any reason and without your involvement, the decaying carcass of possums will emit a foul smell that you can not resist and at this time you have to inform our Dead Possum Removal Melbourne team so that we come to your place and handle the situation in the proper way to take you out from all these. Our professionalists wear gloves and pack the carcass in a double plastic bag and seal it and deodorise it. After bagging it, we dispose of it in the garbage or incinerate it. Hence, call SES Pest Control Melbourne to get quick and easy removal of dead possums without generating difficulties in your daily activities.

Possum Control Inspections and Treatments Across Melbourne

A pest inspection is a thorough assessment of the presence of pests. The expert possum control Melbourne team will search the whole premise. Hence, this helps them identify the entrance of possums. Therefore, possum pest inspections are professionals. And they are equipped with advanced technology. 

Are you seeking a possum pest inspection near you? Look out for these signs- 

  • Animal droppings and urine
  • Wood and other structural damage
  • Weird noises in the basements and attics
  • Screeching and scratching sounds are heard pretty often
  • Gnawing marks

During a possum pest treatment, we come up with suitable solutions. We usually use trapping methods. Also, this method will keep the possums safe. And later we block all the access spots. Therefore, this will prevent them from re-entering the property.

Hence, our company is right near you. Moreover, we will try our best to meet up your expectations.

Therefore, get easy possum pest control services in Melbourne. We are just a call away.

Types of Possum Removal Services We Stand By

  • Restaurant possum control – Possums can also be found in restaurants. Firstly, they are known to spread diseases. Because they urinate and leave behind their droppings everywhere. Hence, the food gets contaminated. This is not a great sign for a good restaurant. Therefore, our possum exterminators will do the perfect job for you. And keep your hotels and restaurant premises clean.
  • Possum inspection and removal – Any pest inspection has the motive to find pest entrance spots. Therefore, our team of possum control will inspect and identify the entrance spots of possums. And then they will check out the whole premise for possible possums. And depending on the severity of the situation, they lay traps. In this way, all the possums are caught safely. Hence, they are taken back with us to a safe place.
  • Domestic possum control – Experience the best home possum control services in Melbourne now. Our innovative techniques with years of experience are what make us stand out. We understand that pests like possums can be unpleasant to have around. Moreover, they create a lot of disturbance. And can become chaos to day-to-day lifestyle. Hence, just ring us and our team will be ready to deal with possums at your place.
  • Same day possum control – Now we also provide same-day possum control services in Melbourne. Sometimes, possums can create situations we didn’t look out for. This is where we come into the picture. All you have to do is call our toll-free number. Moreover, our customer care team will be highly responsive. With queries and questions regarding the inspection and treatment of possums. Hence, you can sit back and relax until we get the possums out of your way.
  • Pre-purchase possum inspection – Possums are a common pest name in Melbourne. Thus, it is highly possible to find them in unused and new property. This is why we recommend our clients undergo a pre-purchase possum inspection. This will eliminate any chances of pests in your new home. And you can peacefully move in without any worries.
  • Emergency possum control services – Moreover, we also offer emergency services in Melbourne. The clear signs of possum infestations at home can be – foul smell, sightings of pest droppings, crawling and scratching sounds in the night, and unusual sounds from the attics and basements. Hence, if you think you got possums at your place. Then, we provide the best possum treatment service near you.

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24 Hours Emergency Possum Removal and Treatment

Possums are considered pests because they are mainly involved in the damage of your property whether it is residential or commercial. They cause roof damage, garden damage, cuts in wiring and many other things. So, for effective removal of possums contact our 24 Hour Possum Removal Melbourne for the reason that we are available 24 hours and 7 days a week. We have a different team to serve people in emergencies and this team attends to all the emergencies and responds to them as quickly as possible. Our team will reach you within a very less time and try to eradicate all the possums within a very less time and give you relief from all the mess that they created inside your place. Our experts develop various new techniques for the fast treatment of possums and thus we deserve to be hired.

SES Pest Control Covers All Melbourne Suburbs

Our team Possum Control Melbourne will work in an innovative way by doing a proper assessment of the area of infestation and then identifying the best possible ways to remove them. After that, they select the best option and then work over it. Due to this proper and sophisticated way of removing possums from your house, our services are fully appreciated and people refer to us more and more not only in Melbourne but also in the suburbs. Thus we enhance our area of service and cover it to Ballarat, Bayswater, Bendigo, Berwick, Brighton, Clyde and also in Craigieburn. Hence, if you are placed outside Melbourne and looking for Best Possum Removal Melbourne by missing our services then book an appointment with our team officials today who are nearby you.

Possum Removal Service: Why Is It Needed?

As possums are nocturnal animals, you cannot catch them and remove them at night because they hide and you cannot reach them easily. For this reason, you need our services and here are some of the specialities of our company professionals, just take a look:

  • Reasonable Prices

If you get to know about our Possum Removal Cost Melbourne, then you will be surprised as we are having very affordable services and provide you with the benefits. 

  • Family And Pet Safe Service

Our way for the removal of possums is environment friendly and does not harm your family and pets. Thus you can trust our services and our team and try them without any hesitation.

  • Industry Leading

To match steps with the fast pace of technology, our pest controllers develop new techniques of Possum Proofing Melbourne and periodic innovations make our company the leader in the pest control industry. Therefore, do not miss this opportunity.

  • Ultra-Fast Response

The destructive nature of possums irritates you and so you want immediate relief from them. Our 365 days, day and night service will satisfy you and provide you with an ultra-fast response and as a result, possums will no longer remain on your property.

  • Skill And Dedication

Hard work says everything, this saying is true for us because it is only through the hard work, dedication, skills and practice of our specialists that our company is at this topmost position today.

Affordable Possum Controllers Near You

Looking for an affordable possum control service near you? Our company provides a positive possum removal experience in Melbourne. From possum inspection services to possum removal services. We provide them with all. The best possum control service is just a call away from you. We hold Certificate III in Pest Control which further makes us a trustable team in Melbourne. We also provide affordable same-day termite control and wasp removal services.


How to keep possums away from my garden? 

You can try using baits and traps, chemical repellents and electronic repellents. 

Can possums be harmful to pests? 

You can try using baits and traps, chemical repellents and electronic repellents. 

Does your team come for an inspection at a short notice in Melbourne? 

Yes, we provide emergency services in Melbourne. Hence, call us for more information about it. 

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