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Do you hear any scratching sound during midnight and get scared if it’s a ghost? Horrifying right but it may be rodents who produce these scratching sounds while destroying your assets. SES Pest Control Melbourne has executives who remove these rats and rodents from your location by applying different tricks and techniques. To recruit the leading rodent control Melbourne service at an outstanding deal takes an immediate appointment. Rather than wasting your time and money on applying and hiring different groups for rodent removal, hire our experts and save both time and money.

We Offer Same Day Rodent Control Melbourne

Need Rodent Control Melbourne? Eradicating rodents is the most daunting task; it can make your overall areas unhealthy. As we all know rodents can destroy your clothes or property. Thus it is important to pay extra attention whenever you notice any signs of rodent infestation. Certain things attract rodents such as food crumbs, clothes or garbage areas.

Therefore along with routine cleaning activities, it is important to have rodent control services in your residential spaces. We are aware of the fact that a safer and healthier environment is the prior need of house owners. Thus SES Pest Control Melbourne professional services are completely meant for you.

rodent control melbourne

SES Rodent Treatment and Solutions

After you hire our service team we start with inspecting your location deeply. First of all, we notice the type of rodent that attacked your space and the damage that occurred due to their presence. As rodents damage, any kind of property for example packed foods, normal grains, furniture, and the worst is when they cut some wires at your home and office. We do our inspection without interrupting your regular work. And when the inspection is over we start our treatment as per the type of rodent that attacked your place.

Our team uses different kinds of baits to catch mice and rats. We also use different chemicals and products but before using any chemical we ensure that the chemical will not cause any severe effect on your pets and animals.

Before leaving your place we wrap up by applying nets on the places where rats attack and cause huge property loss like in ACs and other electronic appliances. And we visit your place regularly as per the plan taken by you so that the rats do not attack your place again.

Our Rodent Control Service in Melbourne, VIC: Why Choose Us?

  • Straightforward and low price- Our company does not take any kind of invisible and secret price from our customers. We furnish the exact amount which is shown to you in the bill.
  • Professional rodent control team- The satisfaction and the clarity of work our professional rodent removal team will provide you are not anywhere. We have trained and certified the team for so long.
  • Same day service- Not an easy job to get same-day rodent removal service at a fair price. It’s a tough task. But we try our best to avail emergency service at a great price which is not at all expensive but in your league.
  • Easy to appoint- No special effort is required to take our super cool service. We didn’t go through any elaborate process. Easy appointment and punctual work.
  • Prompt Response- Our Experts will reach Onsite in 60 Mins in case of any Emergency.
  • Customer Support- We offer 24/7 Bookings and Customer Support
  • Note- For same-day pest control, contact us in the morning so our team can be on-site and solve the issue by the end of the day.

Here is What Our Happy Customers Say

Our Effective Rodent Removal Process


We inspect your property, the size of the inspection, the pest’s hiding location, and other factors to plan our next moves.

Trapping and Relocation

We set up traps and catch rodents. Next, we relocate them far away from your surroundings. These are the most eco-friendly, legal, and the correct way to remove these pests.

Sanitization and Odor Removal

Rodents bring bacteria, germs, and other pests to share the place. Therefore, we follow a thorough sanitization and odor-removal process and make sure your place is completely sanitary.

Note –Even though removing rodents may seem easy, don’t use poison or DIY traps to exterminate them. These techniques are harmful to you and your surroundings. So, let us help you in these critical situations. Trust us, we are the best at what we do.

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Areas Which Rodents Choose for Their Entryways Are:

While pest control services professionals apply special steps in overall areas such as:

  • They investigate holes as well as openings
  • Doors and windows
  • Drainage pipes
  • Building a foundation or terrace

Rodents are small in size, they enter inside the house by little spaces; they can be a hole or ventilation points. So tackling them and eradicating their infestation is always a prior concern.

Signs of Rodent Infestation:

  • If there is a scratching noise, then it indicates the presence of rodents.
  • Droppings of rodent larvae can be seen everywhere.
  • Distinctive smell indicates that rodents are damaging your property as well as creating an unhealthy environment.
  • Bite marks of rodents can be found in plastic bags, wood or laundry bags.
  • Rodents become dangerous when they start chewing cable wires.
  • Teeth marks on ripped food packaging.
  • They generally found their shed in warm areas so they either hide under newspaper or fabrics.
  • Rodents can also choose holes or upholstery for their habitation.

It is impossible to have a complete check-up in overall areas. Thus Restaurant Pest Control Service providers implement certain steps to tackle them easily.

Procedure Ses Pest Control Melbourne Use For Rodent Control Melbourne:

For rodent control services we make use of certain equipment as well as products that can trap or kill them. Therefore for your long-time safety, we seal the holes or their habitation areas. We hold Certificate III in Pest Control which further makes us a trustable team in Melbourne. We also guide our customers about proper prevention techniques. 

  • After visiting your house we start our work with a property inspection
  • With proper planning we settle down the Bait stations, so that can trap rodents
  • For the proper sealing of cracks and holes, we make use of certain chemicals. 
  • By investigating their entryways we try to seal out outside as well as inside areas 
  • Prefer spraying techniques where rodents hide themselves

Here Are The Few Signs Of Infestation By Different Rodents

There are enormous species available on our planet. And each species also has varieties of sub-species that only many different kinds of rodents are present in our locality. Like house mice, black rats, brown rats, etc. but our mice control Melbourne team covers massive areas to remove all kinds of rats and mice. In your home, if you are irritated with the scratching sounds coming from hidden areas that must be from some rodents. Sometimes you may notice that your plastic bags or clothes are damaged and have biting signs which are also because of the rats and mice present in your home.

Before it’s too late and the rodents damage much of your things if you see these signs of rodent infestation catch our guaranteed rodent removal service and protect your property so that these rats do not damage any precious goods and increase your monthly budget exponentially.

Rodent Extermination: Our 24/7 Mouse Control Melbourne service team is the most trusted in the industry

Our members are available at your service any day at any time. No matter what kind of weather outside we are always on time. We remove all kinds of mice and rats hidden at your location. By using advanced machines and electronic baits. Hire the most trusted rat removal Melbourne team at one call. We give special gifts to our regular service takers during festive seasons.

How We Can Help You With Rodent Control Melbourne?

SES Pest Control Melbourne has been providing pest control services for a decade. There are many ways in which we can help you with rodent control in Melbourne.

We are known for our:

  • Qualified staff
  • Safe and reliable techniques 
  • Cleaning and trapping services 
  • Satisfying results
  • Products and targeting equipment

You can contact us and Book your Appointment today. We are always there to sort out your problems. We also provide affordable same-day Bird Control in Melbourne and cockroach control Melbourne services.

Rodent Control Melbourne
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